The stable is approximately 2.8 acres. It has 4 indoor stables for the horses, pastures, and an exercise round pen. 

The horses at the stable are:

  • Lucca: is a Bay with a blaze face and two white socks. He is a 12 year old Quarter horse gelding.
  • Oskar: is a chestnut with a white star on his nose and 2 white socks. He is a 13 year old Andalusian and Mustang mix gelding.
  • Baxter: is a black Quarter horses. with a white stripe on his nose.  Baxter is over 20 years old and a gelding.

There are two 3 month old female Nigerian Dwarf goats:

  • Maggie: is brown and white with gold eyes.
  • Lulu: is black and white with blue eyes.